Monday, July 27, 2009

Cowardly Lion... There Are No Lions in India...

I was afraid to come to India.
I came anyway.

I am afraid of Tigers.
I'm going to a Wildlife Sanctuary, to go on a hike, to see Tigers.

I am afraid of traveling in a foreign country without someone who knows the language.
Next week is my week of travel, and I sure as hell am not sitting around in the house.

I am afraid to sing in public by myself. My voice is obvious and vulnerable and naked before the scrutiny of others.
I sang in front of a university music class with no preperation.

I am afraid of big bugs.
That's it, I'm just afraid of them.

I am afraid of the homeless people.
Once on a train, a woman begging for money kept touching me in "blessing".
I gave her 10 rupees just to make her go away.
I would have given her 100.

I am afraid that when I go home that my adventures will be over.
So I can't let that happen.