Friday, April 23, 2010


It's been quite a while since I posted on this blog. In case you were wondering, I made it home safely. I've returned to my normal routine, and developed new goals, and filled my days with other thoughts.
But I miss India so much it hurts.
And for a kid with a lot on her plate, and limited financial resources, it's heartbreaking to think I won't have an experience like that for a while.
There are other things I am preoccupied with now. Preparations for graduate school, mainly. And I know I have a lot to look forward to...
But when I'm stuck here, in this spot, working slowly and steadily toward an exam grade for a subject I couldn't care less for, it depresses me to suddenly smell India, or hear India, or remember India. I ache for that feeling when I wake up in the morning. That feeling that tells me I'm on the "other side" of the world, and just being there is incredible.

The last thing I want is to live in mediocrity, especially after such a beautiful experience.
As lonely as the moments in between can be I know that I found it once, and I can find it again.